Quality and Control

Trionic Water implements both of these elements

Like most technologies, water chemistry evolves at a rapid pace. Staying current with trends while maintaining a quality product can be challenging. Trionic Water strives to be on the cutting edge of industries such as hospital instrument decontamination and laboratory services. Compromise is not an option. With highly controlled batch processes and regular resin analysis, Trionic can assure quality and consistency.


  • Laboratories
  • Water contaminent removal
  • Hospital instrument decontamination
  • Semiconductor and PCB


Latest news in technology



Nano Sponge For Oil Spills

A nanowire membrane that sops up oil while repelling water could be used for cleaning up oil spills

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Contaminant removal and renewable?

Solar-powered nanofilters pump in antibiotics to clean contaminated water

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Included, but not limited to....

These are just some examples of current customer applications. Customizing and fabrication of specific customer designs is something Trionic prides ourselves in. No application too big or small.




Often times when working with chemically altering processing, waste is a major concern. By adhering to strict standards regarding disposal and safety, Trionic Water is able to minimize its overall footprint.