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Water Purification Systems By Trionic Water Refining

More often than not, attempting to either maintain a certain quality of water or solve an existing issue relates directly to the environment you are working in. The primary ingredient for success is to concentrate on modifying the elements you can change and living with what you cannot.


Water Pressure - This can be a source of many trials and tribulations.
Existing Plumbing - Often, facilities are plumbed in a manner not at all conducive to deionized (DI) water.
Footprint - Anyone who has ever seen or worked in a lab knows real estate is hard to come by.
Raw (Feed) Water Quality - This is usually the most important aspect. Every municipality is different, and what is of no concern in one area may be a major one in another.

Deionization / Demineralization

DI water is used heavily throughout hospitals for a variety of applications. Trionic Water has introduced streamlined makeup loops, RO polishing, and individual sink applications to uphold the quality and on-demand service required in delicate and oftentimes sensitive areas.

Light Manufacturing / Chemical Blending

Industries such as cosmetic, printed circuit board, and metal plating facilities implement portable exchange water deionization for a wide variety of their processes. Whether in a QC environment found in cosmetic manufacturing or the rinse baths on the floor of precision plating facilities, the flexibility that comes from our PEDI program allows different configurations for various control needs.

POU / POE Filtration

At hospitals, pharmaceutical locations, laboratories, and commercial buildings, you can generate water free of bacteria and viruses through a filter installed at the point of use or entry, aka POE Filtration. It removes contaminants, chlorine, TSS (total suspended solids), and organics like sulfate and nitrate.

Potable Water Chlorination

Trionic Water recently expanded its industrial water division to include utilizing state-of-the-art equipment to sterilize and disinfect potable water lines in new construction projects. This is usually a requirement by the local county health department, and we have the ability to perform the work, sample the water, and report back with the results. No paperwork is needed!

Different Shapes & Sizes

In the portable exchange process, there very rarely is a one-size-fits-all solution. That is why we supply any-size tank, delivery mechanism, or type of media, including organic scavenging resins and activated carbon.

Water Quality Reports

Instead of costly lab analyses, most cities offer a complete water quality report free of charge. This is frequently the first step in assessing what type of water purification system is needed as well as the size of equipment and if any additional equipment is required.