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Water Purification Solutions - Dallas TX

About Our Water Purification Solutions in Dallas, TX

In business since 2011, Trionic Water is backed by over 30 years of combined experience in water treatment, electronics, applied mechanics, and research and development. This combination works well and enables us to hone in on certain areas of concern and potential growth. Our industrial water group continues to grow, and our potable water chlorination program is in full swing. We provide our water refining equipment and water purification solutions in Dallas, TX.

Our Values

We live by the mantra of "We are only as good as our last service." Customer satisfaction, superior service, and highly efficient troubleshooting allow all of our skilled personnel to operate with speed and effectiveness.

Customer Service

Our business model is based upon customer service. The ability to work with and communicate fully with our customers is vital in the delivery of such an important commodity like ultrapure water.

Community Involvement

Trionic Water partners with local suppliers and networks with local affiliates to ensure both parties' best interests are kept prominent.

Global Reach

We are currently working with a well-known instrument manufacturer in bringing the latest technology and cleanliness to potable water sources as far away as Cambodia and other Southeast Asian countries.


Remaining relatively small increases production and efficiency. This translates into every email, phone call, or other form of correspondence being answered immediately. Everything you need is just a click or call away.

Our Commitment

Quality to our customers, not only in terms of product and service but also individualized account attention, enables us to focus all of our attention on each and every customer, guaranteed.